Friday, January 04, 2013

Love Unlimited-Under The Influence Of Love Unlimited

...a wholly owned subsidiary of Barry White Inc.

Produced by Barry White! Spiritual adviser Larry Nune! Album concept Barry White! Arranged by Barry White and Gene Page! A Soul Unlimited & Barry White Incorporated production!

I never knew that Barry White was a company unto himself. I wonder why he hasn't fully positioned himself in merchandising. Barry White Incorporated Fingertip Vibe! Barry White Incorporated Disposable Teddy! Barry White Incorporated Sensual Microwave Popcorn!

If Barry White's gooey fingerprints all over this album don't give you an idea what it's like, every song on side one has the word "love" in the title ("Love's Theme," "Under The Influence Of Love," "Lovin' You, That's All I'm After," and "Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It."), and Mister White's sonorous bass pipes launch side 2. It's not terribly sexy, though. "Love's Theme" is a pretty good instrumental, but the rest is pretty interchangeable disco. Pass.


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