Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where Is Your Evidence

Artist: Frequency
Title: Where Is Your Evidence
Purchased: Savers, 2001? 2002?
Verdict: Available on eBay right now

I remember buying this. It was at Savers Thrift Store in Madison, since relocated to a crappier location that I will never visit ever again. I scored the World Destruction 12" by Time Zone (the odd pairing of Afrika Bambatta and John Lydon), and I saw this as well. I thought that since I had already gotten the ball rolling with one good find, maybe this was destined to be good as well.

There's another factor. Every year, I try to give techno another chance. And every year, I decide that I like it just as much as I did the previous year, i.e. not at all.

So when I my eyes were racing over everything to get rid of, I decided that I would finally give this a listen, and perhaps open my brain to a whole new genre. Well, Frequency was not the key to unlock my mind, though it did tickle some of the tumblers.

Metaphor strained. Can't maintain. Continue.

Anyway. It did remind me of 80s dance industrial band Manufacture, in that same way that all "THOOM THOOOM THOOM THOOM THOOM THOOM THOOM THOOM THOOOM THOOM THOOM THOOM EVERYBODY get LOOSE!" music does. In retrospect, maybe I didn't like Manufacture that much either. So, it's decided: Not only will I get rid of Frequency, but I'll also dig up my Manufacture 12" and get rid of that as well.


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