Sunday, May 27, 2007

Apartment is set up...

New speakers arrived last week (see picture). I have sorted out and shelved most of my records that I need to consider, so I will resume that shortly. In the meantime, as an aesthetics update, here's what I've gotten recently, in reverse order of purchase:
Sly and the Family Stone: The Collection
El P: I'll Sleep When Your're Dead
Battles: Mirrored
Devin the Dude: Waiting To Inhale
Brittain Ashford: 4 Songs
Nation Of Ulysses: 13-Point Program To Destroy America
Prisonshake: I'm Really Fucked Now
Friend and Lover: Reach Out In The Darkness*
*eBay Purchase, came with a brand new but nasty Seka flexi-single tucked inside.


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