Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Live At The Country West, Marshfield, WI

Title: Live At The Country West, Marshfield, WI
Artist: The Al Perry Country Affair featuring Donna Love
Purchased: December 2006, Half Price Books, Madison, WI
Verdict: Keep, but only out of pity

Okay, it's a half-baked album of country covers recorded "live" in Marshfield, WI with canned applause. Al Perry is a fairly good slide guitarist, but over all, it's pretty abhorrent. Dull, plodding, uninspired. And if you're going to record a fake live album, why not make it at the Grand Old Opry? As you might be able to tell from the stark, almost Soviet cover, it's a vanity record. So if it's so bad, why am I keeping it? There was an 8x10 black and white publicity photo signed to "My best to my friend Grandma Maud, Al Perry." I mean, if his own family didn't want this album, someone has to want it. That someone is going to be me. Damn my sentimental heart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do a search on "Al Petty" and "Al Perry".

1:02 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I have 700 record albums, mostly from thrift stores. I grew up in Wisconsin Rapids. As a child, my family and I saw "The Al Perry Country Affair with Donna Love" on several wonderful memorable times. I have tried to look up info on them on numerous occasions (even looked into Tyler Texas history / musical groups, etc) this is the FIRST I have seen anything. WOW. "Poor Old Kaw-liga" and "Tiny Bubbles".

4:32 PM  

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