Friday, May 10, 2013

Break-Up Music

I'm still on my tear to listen to all my records to sort them into mine and not mine, and have been pretty consistent in listening to at least 10 a week to that end. But my brain goes to different places when subjected to different life events. Such as being dumped.

Ugh. One would think that, at 43, I would have a pretty secure identity and could weather this sort of stuff with ease. NOPE!

So for the past several days, I've been listening to my music through a different filter. This filter will probably be locked in place for at least the next month, maybe more, and the records I write about will largely be organized into "Good Break-Up Records" and "Bad Break-Up Records." Let's start with a record from the latter category.

Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse

Turns out icky songs feel icky.

In good times, this album is a weird psychedelic noise masterpiece. The song "Creep In The Cellar" is almost pretty, and the cover of "American Woman" is equal parts deconstruction and celebration. But it's dense, churning sounds feel awful when you're on shaky emotional ground. Gibby's voice sounds contemptuous of emotion, and it's more sad and alienating than it should be. I'm filing this one for happier times.