Sunday, January 10, 2010

I just woke up from the following

I just had a dream that I went to see Gary Numan in a ratty outdoor venue in broad daylight with a crowd that was sparse, so sparse that I was easily able to get right up front and center of the stage. It was odd to see him perform songs like "Cars" in broad daylight. Instead of being moody and morose, Numan was uncharacteristically animated, peppering the performance with a lot of stage banter, including several bad jokes, and, feeling uncomfortable for him, I would laugh.

He eventually singled me out for being one of the more devoted fans, which I wasn't, not really. Most of the material he performed was new songs. During one these new songs, a group of women in the audience lined up and started this horribly choreographed dance number, but it fell apart almost immediately. Toward the end of the concert, he showed a trailer for an animated kids pirate film he created and seemed genuinely enthusiastic about.

The band started playing Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," which my wife (uncharacteristically) identified as "Supernaut." I was like "Cool!" but I looked around and the venue was nearly empty. People were streaming out, and when I looked at the stage, Numan and his band was leaving too, but still playing. I wanted to buy something at the merchandise shack, but it was an assortment of oddities including a knit sweater vest that didn't even say Gary Numan on it.

Note: He actually looked like this photo. My brain must have done some advanced aging of his face.